Yacht services

We select services and conventions exclusively with high professional profiles, monitoring expenses in detail, to guarantee to the best value for their our member’s money. Meridiana Yatch wants to remind its members to get in touch with us at least 24 hours in advance to guarantee all the services required.


Berth reservation

Our goal is to help our members to find the most exclusive berths in the shortest possible time. This service is especially important during periods of high season, when the piers are notoriously crowded.

Emergency repairs

We employ highly qualified personnel ranging from the mechanical operations (MTU, MAN, CATERPILLAR, VOLVO PENTA), through to carpentry and upholstery.

Assistance at sea

Tugs and building service, our staff is able to perform emergency operations in all sea conditions to the highest professional standards.

Spare parts

We find and provide spare parts for boats that are made available within just 48 hours.

Medical care & veterinary

We provide our members 24 hours a day veterinary and medical care, featuring a team of selected professionals both onboard and in clinics that meet the highest international standards.

Provisions & flowers

The Association offers the best solutions and supplies the best brands, in addition to having at your disposal a wide selection of companies, the flagship for the production of typical regional products. We are proudly ready to offer our members the chance to taste local culinary culture. Meridian Yacht wants to draw your attention to products with PDO and PGI quality labels. M.Y is in agreement with local floral services and are ready to offer you only the best pieces and decorations, all backed by responsive and friendly staff. We can provide an excellent and rapid service, yet we remind our associates to provide all orders a 48 hour notice period.

Banking services

Foreign exchange.

Vip services / PSD service / Anti-piracy

Meridiana Yacht’s conventions include only qualified societies to provide the best Personal Security Detail (PSD), Maritime Anti-Piracy Security and Static Site Security.

Transport & transfers

When you arrive, our association can be there to welcome you and organize every transport or transfer with luxury cars, minivans, water taxis, helicopters and private jets.

Interpreters & translators

It is possible to have qualified interpreters. The discretion, accuracy and quality of their work is assured.


Our team can organize your tours in advance so your time in port is maximized and worry-free. We select local tour operators who provide coastal excursions, scuba diving and land excursions of the highest quality.


WE have a vast range of contacts as well as a comprehensive database for qualified crew selection. If you are looking for a new member in your crew, we can help you find the right person. Candidates will be carefully screened according to your exact criteria, ensuring that they have the correct tickets, visas, and skills.

Yacht clearances / formalities

We take care of all the paperwork for our associates, from arrival to departure, through offices will take care of all the documentation and permits you require, including immigration and customs.

Yacht transfer

We can take care of your yacht or boat, meticulously organizing their transfer by sea. With our selected personnel with proven experience in navigation, we make transfers across the Mediterranean basin (and not only) of yachts and pleasure boats, including sailing, with no weight limit.

Commercial diver

Every operation is carried out by our experienced and qualified team of divers and complemented by a wide range of specialized equipment and tools which make them leader operators in this sector.

Courier services

We are in contact with all major worldwide courier services. Our office can be used as your mailing address for your entire stay.

Hotels & mansions

You can choose among a wide range of luxury hotels or decide to lease a mansion, including all qualified service personnel.

Music & entertainment

Whatever your preferences are, we can provide any type of musical entertainment and artistic event on board and organize exclusive parties. Ranging from string trio, classical to the typical Neapolitan folklore or the modern tunes, Meridiana Yacht can liven up all events with our services.

Wellness: beauty & relax, sport

All treatments you want easily on board or in a luxury Spa. Any kind of beauty treatment or a sensual and relaxing massage. For our most dynamic members, you can practice sport in a quiet club or outdoors sport like tennis, golf excursion,rafting, canyonig and AFF (accelerate free fall) or simply tandem parachute jump.

Laundry service

Laundry withdrawal service in very short time and fast delivery on board.

Yacht cleaning

24 hours a day, 7 days a week cleaning service, Interior and exterior, specialized upholstery and carpet cleaning services too.