MERIDIAN YACHT - Yachting Association is a national network of relationships between organizations, individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs who seek to achieve profitable partnerships based on mutual trust in the spirit of friendship. The intent is to get benefits in the sector which is our common passion, boating and everything to do with the sea. Each member has access to  the resources made ​​available by the Association to present their ideas, work, projects and own personal experience, so as to contribute to the social and professional development of other members and those who intend to contact the Association.

Born in Salerno with the aim to bring together boaters, beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts, as well as to promote sporting, artistic, cultural and scientific events. The Association is committed to always seek new opportunities and to promote initiatives in favor of the represented categories.
The MERIDIAN YACHT is an effective benchmark for the interests of sailors and specialized traders such as  tour operators, managers of  Nautical Structures, managers of commercial activities. With the aim of bringing together users and providers, the Association cultivates a policy of mediation agreements and conventions that accrue to the benefit of the members of both economic operators to mutal benefit.

Through the incorporation of territorial delegations, the MY creates network based in Italian territories, with an eye toward an upcoming international future, to grasp all the needs and issues of boaters and lovers of the sea and to be able  to create programs and projects with the aim of improving the quality of sailing services.The Association’s purpose is the creation of initiatives, in collaboration with industry representatives and government agencies for the development of yachting and coastal infrastructure, and the promotion of nautical tourism and of all economic activity, production, social and cultural rights related to Association itself.

The M.Y. has also sponsored conferences and debates on the planning and development of the local coastlines.
Among the objectives of the work program are: efforts to find solutio ns to the environmental problems that plague the coastal regions of the Mediterranean, studies and projects pertaining to the development of nautical tourism, construction of a network that encourages the growth of interest and contact between the authorities and coastal economic activities, training of new professionals in the fields of marine and nautical tourism, conferences both national and international  in the field of nautical tourism.